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  Aull Technology, Inc. specializes in
High Performance Glass Processing and  Industrial Cleaning Products for
  the flat glass processing, printing, paper, textile, automotive and industrial food service industries.

  Aull Technology has surfactant chemists with over 30 years of experience available for research and development to meet
  your industrial application needs.

  All of our industrial products are made locally in the USA.  Aull Technology proudly services all nationwide clients.
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  Aull Technology strives to provide the highest quality glass processing fluids and industrial cleaning detergents at
  affordable prices.

  We can individually manufacture products to meet your flat glass processing and industrial cleaning and environmental
  needs while saving you a great deal!

  Aull Technology is your source for flat glass processing but also offer industrial cleaning chemicals and applications.
  We are environmentally friendly and have developed an entire line of detergents that are Earth Friendly. These are known
  as "Planet Green” detergents.


  Aull Technology can make specialty chemical blends for individual industrial applications. We offer many packaging
  options which includes 55 gallon drums and 275 gallon totes. We can also ship our products in a concentrated form for
  exporting purposes. All of our products are manufactured in the USA. If your production uses any kind of water based ink
  or even UV inks please contact us and we will gladly provide free samples for in plant testing.

          - Our detergents are thick, foaming, alkaline detergents unlike anything on the industrial cleaner market.*
          - Aull Technology can reduce the press change time.
          - A clean press and press room will increase output.
          - Our products can make your pressmen more efficient by making cleanup easier
          - Our detergents work well in many applications i.e. high pressure washing, vats, ultra sonic cleaners & spray bottles.

  Contact us if your press operators are scrubbing ink trays, rolls, and plates more than necessary. Your kits are not coming
  clean and the ink pumps still have dried ink on them and the floor around the press still has dried ink even after mopping.
  You think your concentrated (in plant) cleaners costs are too high. Your cleaners are thin, watery liquids that run right off
  surfaces even when used straight.

                          "We have the ability to make a custom formula just for your application!"

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