AullTech Glass Washing Detergents are
                                              specifically formulated for automatic glass washers

   GC 150 DET

     GC150DET is a neutral, non-aggressive, almost foam free washing concentrate with a
     superb cleaning efficiency, developed for commercial glass washing.

     GC150DET does not promote corrosion in washing machine plumbing circuitry.

     GC150DET is particularly suitable for IG manufacturers because it does not infringe upon the adhesion on any known
     sealant if properly applied. The cleaning efficiency of GC150DET is not impaired with a too low water PH level and it does
     not at all affect water PH level.

     GC150DET is safe to use with soft coated glass.

     GC150DET is equally appreciated with laminated glass manufacturers because it does not increase or enhance                 
     conductivity of the product like some washing compounds do. The capacity of ion exchange resins is not affected
     with this product.

     *Recommended use concentration: Approx. 1/4 ounce per gallon of water Application temperature: 120°F - 140°F

      (Getting clean glass depends on these factors; the mechanics in a washer, such as brush adjustment, brush versus         
                      transport speed, water temperature and the chemical composition of the washing additive.)                        

PACKAGING:        5.3 gallon pail, 55 gallon drum

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